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C&C Restored Range

Custom and commercial was started over 12 years ago when we started to search around the scrap yards in the UK for parts to chrome and sandblast to create a product range of Genuine VW restoration parts and Custom chrome parts.

Since then we have grown into one of the UKs leading Classic Vw parts suppliers and have concentrated on supplying new parts.

But we have now gone back to our roots as so many parts have become obsolete over the years. We can now fill the gaps with our new range of C&C restored products for you classic VW.

With parts now being sourced from all over the world the range and quality has never been better.

All parts in this range are fully restored in house in the UK and are Acid cleaned, blasted, electro coated, painted or chromed.

So if you are looking for that hard to find Genuine VW part to replace that rusty or missing part on your vehicle or even a Genuine VW custom chrome version check out the range and see if we have one restored.

If you can't find what you are looking for just send us an email and we will do our best to get the part for you.

Look out for the C&C restored range Logo