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Made By C&C Product Feature: Wiper Blades

Looking for wiper blades for your VW?
We have them for all vehicles in different colours, sizes and finishes

16" Wiper Blades

S01883 - Stainless steel wiper blade 16 inch
S21022 Black wiper blade 16 inch
S21021 Silver wiper blade 16 inch

13" Wiper Blades

G34099 Stainless Steel
G78999 Black
G78991 Silver

11" Wiper Blades

B28832 Stainless steel
B01061 Black

10" Wiper Blades

S00755 Stainless Steel Sprung

Early Wiper Blades

B50372 / S29900 - Stainless Chrome Finish
B01056 / S00754 - Silver
B32880 / S29431  - Black